Fields of Fungi

The Dûn-Nomin mushroom fields are famed across the land for the variety and size of the gnomes mushrooms.  Three different sets of markers can be downloaded for printing as either simple scenery or to make use of some of these optional rules.


Mushroom fields and forests modify movement…

Terrain Modifier
Mushroom Field -50%
Dense Wild Mushroom Forest -75%

Mushrooms provide light cover.


Small mushrooms can conceal a single small character (Dwarf, Gnome, Rat, Trow or Troglodyte).

Medium mushrooms can conceal a single character of average size (Orc,  Ogre, Troll or Elf) or two small characters.

Large mushrooms can conceal 4 average, 8 small or 1 large character.  They can also conceal artillery or a vehicle.

Mounted characters should be treated as two characters eg a medium mushroom can conceal a mounted Gnome.

Concealment prevents the observation of a character so long as they don’t act.  They are revealed if they move or attack or if an enemy approaches within 20cm.

Gnome Champignons Troupe

Gnome Champignons are trained to become one with the Champignons.  They blend in with the mushrooms.  They become one with the fungi.  Between battles they can disguise themselves as mushrooms.  So long as they don’t move or attack an enemy can’t detect them until they are within 10cm of them.

Partisan and Elite Champignons may secretly move at crawl speed from one mushroom to another so long as no enemy is within 20cm of them.  They use this technique to snipe their enemy then change position for safety.

Mined Mushrooms

Gnomes (and other races) sometimes booby trap small and medium mushrooms.  They are commonly triggered by proximity.  Some defenders have been known to wire them for remote control or to connect several together.  Measure effects from the edge of the mushroom not its centre.

The small mine causes damage to those within range as if hit by a Burst attack with a Guts of 7.   They explode when approached within 1cm of an edge.

A medium mine causes damage to those within range as a Machine-gun Burst with a Guts of 7.  They explode when approached within 2cm of an edge.

Anti-armour mushrooms can be either small or medium.  They attack as a Single Shot – Anti-armour with a Guts of 7.  They attack all vehicles within 5cm of an edge.  All infantry within 10cm are attacked with a Burst attack with a Guts of 7.  They explode when approached within 2cm of an edge by a vehicle.


Mushroom Markers (Small)

Version: 1.0
Size: 575.0 KB
February 14, 2016

A single sheet of 24 small mushroom markers.

Mushroom Markers (Medium)

Version: 1.0
Size: 1.5 MB
February 14, 2016

A selection of 15 different medium sized mushroom markers (3 sheets of 6 to a sheet).

Mushroom Markers (Large)

Version: 1.0
Size: 6.9 MB
February 14, 2016

15 sheets of mushroom markers.  Each sheet includes a single design of marker with the remaining space filled with smaller mushrooms.

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