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Living Room Rules

Let me offer a simple overview of the acceptable behaviour here on my blog for comments.

For most posts, I allow comments to be left. I like discussion.  I like to hear other people’s point of view, their ideas and suggestions. You’re welcome to express your opinion and disagree with me or others. Remember this is my (virtual) house.  If you’re being uncivil to me or the other people here, I may warn you, or just kick you out.

When new users post a comment, the system holds it in moderation until I have a chance to review it. This helps cut down on vandals, spammers and scammers.  I also use an automated spam detection system, that may sometime flag a real comment as spam.  Thats happened about 3 times in 2000 comments so its not a big problem.  It is especially likely if more than two links are included in the comment. I go through the spam comments every few days to check for real comments.

When necessary, I delete comments. Here are a few simple ways to make sure your comment doesn’t get deleted:

  1. Be polite. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in my living room.
  2. Stay pretty much on topic.
  3. Don’t include links to your own sites or other sites, except in the URL spot.
  4. If you do include a link that is really pertinant  there is a danger it will trigger the spam detection.

When a comment violates any of these points, I’ll happily delete it.  It’s one click for me. So keep that in mind before you spend 10 minutes writing something that will never show up.

These are all fairly standard Living Room Rules, but some people seem unfamiliar with them, so I’ve stated them explicitly.

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