My published work so far has mostly appeared in “Valkyrie” published by Partisan Press, Astonishing Adventures and “Ragnarok” published by the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers (SFSFW).

My friends, family, writing group and SFSFW members deserve credit for suffering my bouts of creativity so in an ever changing¬† order selected by a team of dedicated imps…

Jamie F, Neville, Martin, Hilary, Abigail, Jamie D, Kat S, Ann, Dan O, Michael, Ed, Steve, Alex, Jim, Paul, Jen, Richard, Sam, Ozzed Ed, Al, The Lady Kat, Dan, Pat, Shaun, John, V, Simon B, Dan N, Ben, Banendu Goswami, Sue, Paula, Mel, Phill J, Sarah, Sarah B, Phil, Neil, Jay, William, Jenny, Dr Simon,Friday, Sarah P, Saffron, Desi, Feroze, Kim, Chris, Alan not forgetting Troy Darkstar and everyone I’ve forgotten to include (sorry).

Yes, if I was an Oscar winner the music would be playing by now.

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