Vue Python

Here are a selection of my Python scripts for use with Vue 4 Pro, Vue 5 Infinite, Vue 6 Infinite, Vue 7 Infinite, Vue 7 xStream, Vue 7.5 Infinite, Vue 7.5 xStream, Vue 8 Infinite, Vue 8 xStream, Vue 8.5 Infinite, Vue 8.5 xStream, Vue 9 Infinite, Vue 9 xStream, Vue 9.5 Infinite, Vue 9.5 xStream Vue 10 Infinite, Vue 10 xStream, Vue 10.5 Infinite, Vue 10.5 xStream, Vue 11 Infinite, Vue 11 xStream, Vue 11.5 Infinite, Vue 11.5 xStream, Vue 2014 Infinite and Vue 2015 xStream.

If you need an introduction to using Vue Python scripts I’ve written a short tutorial Vue Python for Beginners.

Add Material Layer

These scripts add a new material layer to every material in a scene that is applied to an object except mixed, cloud and volumetric materials.

Camera Save and Load as CSV Files

Python scripts for loading and saving camera data to and from CSV files. These scripts are useful for moving camera animations between scenes.

Centre Finder

If you need to find the centre point of a group of selected objects this script will save you a lot of number crunching.

Eco Spray

This python script coats the outside of an object with an EcoSystem. It won’t cover all faces because of the way it works. It will cover a sphere, cube, cone but won’t cover all of a torus.


This script for Vue Infinite and xStream allows all the objects / instances in an EcoSystem to point in a direction. It also allows a a bit of variation to be included in the rotation.

EcoSystem to CSV

Python scripts for loading and saving Vue EcoSystems as CSV files.

EcoSystem to Objects

This is a python script that will place a cube at the same location as each instance in an EcoSystem.

EcoSystem Vertical Scatter

This python script vertically scatters the objects in a Vue EcoSystem by a random amount.

Equal Scale Replicate

This python script can be used to equalise the scaling of replicated objects.

Mass Convert Script

This script will convert between two 3d formats to do the hard work. It is available in a version with a graphical interface for users with wxPython installed and a version without for those without wxPython.

Object Sequence Loader

Load a sequence of object files into Vue to create the illusion of animation by flipping from one object to the next in each frame.

Object Sequence Save

This python script for Vue exports a sequence of numbered files from Vue of the selected objects in a 3d file formats. A file will be created for each frame over a range of frames or at given intervals.

Plant Replace

This python script replaces selected objects with plants from a random list of Vue’s plants.

Preview Colour Change

Change the preview colours of all selected objects at once.

Progressive Drop

Drops selected objects one at a time starting with the lowest one creating heaps and piles.

Random Walk

Select some objects, run this script and they wander around randomly in your scene.

Sky Filter

My first Vue Python script. Not exactly earth shattering as all it does is let you apply a colour filter to the sky or make the sky a solid block of one colour.

Stereo Image Camera Creation Script

A python script to create a pair of cameras for rendering stereo images in Vue. It’s pretty easy to do without the script but this just speeds things up a bit.

Switch Mapping of Images in Vue Materials

Scripts for Vue to switch between the mapping modes for images: none, bilinear, normalize and bicubic.

Switch Vue Bump Mapping Python Script

Three scripts to switch the bump maps of a set of selected objects to either positive, negative or inverted values.

Tape Measure

This script for Vue finds the distance between two selected objects.

Terrain CSV

Two scripts that allow you to work with a terrain by exporting it as a CSV file that can be edited in a spreadsheet and then importing it back into Vue

Terrain Matcher

This python script matches your terrain to an object.

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