Abduction! is a simple, small press, skirmish miniatures game from Gomi Designs set in near future America where alien forces fight America’s finest, civilians and the FBI. Discovering references and inspiration from the X-Files won’t tax Mulder or Scully for any length of time. The miniatures are available from Ground Zero Games. The entire game is contained in a single, sixteen page grey booklet.

New Alien Equipment

Security Droid

These fast-moving, flying robots can be controlled by a scientist or technician alien (up to 4 per alien). They are armed with paralysis rays and can move up to 12 inches each turn.

Defence Value: 9 (small and fast)

Attack Dice Modifier: -3 (inaccurate control interface)

A single hit from a fire arm will destroy them.

Alien Floater Platform

These devices allow aliens to fly around at a rate of 12 inches each turn. If the alien is hit there is a 50% chance the floater is hit. The platform can be targeted and has a defence value equal to the alien piloting it. Floaters can fly at a maximum altitude of 12 inches. One inch of forward motion may be exchanged for one inch of vertical flight. A platform that has been hit can only move at 8 inches each turn. A platform that has been hit twice is destroyed. An alien falling 8 inches or less is injured, a fall of more than 8 inches kills them.

New Human Equipment


Shotguns have a chance to hit all targets in a cone that is 2 inches wide at 6 inches distance from the firing unit.


Mini-guns were never intended to be carried by flesh and blood humans however some still try. They can fire between 3 and 10 shots in a turn which can be spread between targets within 6 inches of each other. Before firing select the direction of the sweep of fire (clockwise or anti-clockwise) the firing unit intends to use and how many shots they are trying to hit each target with. Roll 2d6 to see how many shots they manage to put on target. All unused shots are wasted. When the bullets run out targets stop getting hit. On a roll of 2 the mini-gun runs out of ammunition. Nine or more shots in a turn cause the firing unit to lose control of the weapon at the end of the turn. A unit that is out of control must spend 1d6 turns minus 2 turns for experienced and 4 turns for veterans getting it back under control. Mini-gun troops may not move and fire in the same turn.

Sniper Rifle

These can fire once before a turn must be spent stationary reloading before they can be fired again. One extra die is rolled when determining hits but only 2 dice can be kept.

Dart Pistol

While having only a range of 6 inches the dart pistol gives humans a chance to capture Greys. On a successful hit they knock an opponent out. A human or other mammal will take one turn to fall unconscious unless treated, a Grey with its hardier constitution will take 3 turns. Grey scientist and commanders commonly carry an anti-dote which takes a turn to administer.

Hand Grenades

Thrown grenades can, just like rocket propelled grenades hit targets behind cover and out of sight of the firing unit The maximum range of a hand grenade is 12 inches. A grenade can be thrown without any restriction on movement but only veterans can throw a grenade and fire a gun in the same turn. Grenades can never be fired as aimed shots. Choose a target point or figure and roll 1d6:

1 Direct Hit
2 Direct Hit
3 Grenade Lands 2 inches to right
4 Grenade Lands 2 inches to left
5 Grenade Lands 2 inches behind
6 Grenade Lands 2 inches in front
7 Grenade Lands 4 inches behind
8+ Grenade Lands 4 inches in front

Range 6 inches or more +1
Thrower Worried +1
Throwing to a point which can be seen +1

Fragmentation Grenade: Two inch radius, anyone inside area effected rolls for a wild shot with no cover.

Smoke: Obscures vision through a three inch radius area, dissipates in 1d6 turns.

Stun: All targets in three inches test or be stunned for 1d6 turns.

KO Gas: Three inch radius, dissipates in 1d6 turns anyone hit paralyzed for rest of game

Tear Gas: Three inch radius, dissipates in 1d6 turns, anyone hit is incapacitated for 1d6 turns.

Satchel Charge

These can be thrown up to 6 inches (treat as a hand grenade). The fuse can be set for between 0 and 6 turns. They go off at the end of the turn. Satchel charges effect a 5 inch radius in diameter unless contained within a structure and make an aimed attack ignoring cover against anyone or thing in the area. It takes a turn to set the fuse but otherwise these can be treated as a grenade.

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