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The Grey Film Poster

Role Playing The Grey

However The Grey is eminently suitable for any Game Master looking for ideas for a survival horror role playing adventure.  The five key elements I’d consider using are: Low powered Player Characters No outside help Limited resources Hostile Environment Hunted Let’s tackle these in order… The characters in The Grey are all hardy oil workers, […]

The Raid Film Poster

The Raid Notes for Role Players

With some films I find the fun is trying to pick a game that would best fit gaming the film.  The Raid isn’t one of those films.  With the raid the question I find myself asking is how many games can it be fitted into as a scenario? At the most obvious level it’s a […]

The Woman in Black Notes for Roleplayers

If I was going to run something inspired by The Woman in Black as a roleplaying game I’d probably use it as a scenario for D&D Ravenloft, Trail of Cthulhu with Shadow over Filmland or a Victorian age mortals World of Darkness game.  If you want to turn it on its head you could use […]

You’re Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off

Downtown a gang of underworld types, who don’t know each other’s names, assembled by the brought together by the local crime boss plan to take down a jewellers. They don’t know that the cops already know the time and place they plan on striking. They never stood a chance but they have style and a […]

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