Bookhounds of MI5

A fairly simple idea to add a twist to a Bookhounds of London campaign is to make one of the Player Characters works for an intelligence agency. They might be a detective in the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch working under cover, a freelance agent recruited by MI5, an agent of another organisation turned by MI5 […]

Language Cherries and Lemons for Trail of Cthulhu

Right up to the 1970s many British university degrees included the study of languages so students could read papers and text books that weren’t available in English. For example engineers often learnt German as about a third of all academic papers on engineering were published in German journals. It wasn’t only Universities that required the […]

New England Road Trip Adventure

These pages are notes for a sandbox adventure for Trail of Cthulhu (or possibly Call of Cthulhu) based around a road trip through 1920s New England.  Its very much a work in progress.

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