Tabletop Games

The games you can find here are an odd mixed bag of rules for tabletop games I’ve collected over several years. These are write ups of traditional games. This isn’t a systematic collection more a junk shop miscellany of games I’ve come to have the rules for written out in electronic form already. Over time I expect I’ll post board games, card games, dice games and possibly other sorts of games.


Beetle is a game for four players. Requirements Four Beetle Cards A Six Sided Dice Four pencils or other drawing implements Instructions Each player rolls the dice once.  The player with the highest roll is the starting player.  Ties for the highest score are rerolled until one player has the highest score. Players take it […]

Dice Poker

Dice Poker is a game played with five poker dice (six sided dice with faces for Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine). Requirements 5 Six Sided Poker Dice Instructions The first player rolls all five dice The player selects any dice they want to keep They reroll all the dice they didn’t keep For […]


Tiddley-Winks is a game where the objective is to flip a round disc into a receptacle by putting pressure on it by sliding another disc along its surface. Requirements A table A cloth or blanket A receptacle such as an egg cup Six Tiddley-Winks per player A larger flipping disc for each player Set Up […]

Tiddley-Winks Football

Tiddley-Winks Football is a game played with tiddly-winks in the style of soccer. Requirements A table A cloth or blanket Two receptacles such as an egg cups to be the “goals” Five Tiddley-Winks per player to be their “squad” A different coloured Tiddley-Wink to be the “ball” A larger flipping disc for each player A […]

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