Tiddley-Winks is a game where the objective is to flip a round disc into a receptacle by putting pressure on it by sliding another disc along its surface.


  • A table
  • A cloth or blanket
  • A receptacle such as an egg cup
  • Six Tiddley-Winks per player
  • A larger flipping disc for each player

Set Up

  • Spread the cloth on the table
  • Place the receptacle at the centre of the table
  • Each player sets out their six Tiddley-Winks equidistant from the receptacle in a line


  • The first player selects one of their Tiddley-Winks and flick it using their flipper disc
  • If it goes into the cup they may have another go
  • If they have no more Tiddley-Winks they have won
  • Otherwise the next player has their go
  • If one players Tiddley-Winks is covered by another players they cannot flick it until it is uncovered
  • If a player has no uncovered Tiddley-Winks available they miss their go

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