Occupations for Bookhounds of MI5

Old Occupations

Special Branch characters can be created using the Police Detective. Unlike the usual rules for British Police in a Bookhounds campaign they may take Firearms as an occupational ability due to their special training.

For an MI5 Babysitter who watches over the shop use the Military (Army/Marine) occupation.

New Occupations


Frank Atkinson

You are a communist, radical or other agent turned by MI5.

Occupational Abilities: Intimidation, History, Languages (Russian, German or whoever they support), Library Use, Reassurance, Scuffling, Sense Trouble, Streetwise

Credit Rating: 0-3

Special: By using Reassurance you can usually find out any publicly announced meeting of any cause you are associated with or that is friendly to a cause you are associated with and gain access to it. You can use Intimidation to find out where any other cause that you are not friendly with is meeting but can’t usually get through the door.


Case Officer

You run your agents from the bookshop rather than the Office.

The Actor John Boles

Occupational Abilities: Assess Honesty, Bureaucracy, Cryptography, Driving, Interrogation, Oral History, Sense Trouble, Reassurance, Sense Trouble

Credit Rating: 2-5

Special: You may use your Credit Rating or Bureaucracy to call on assistance from the Office or from the Special Branch. You can have watchers sent to shadow someone or an obvious Special Branch constable sent to a meeting to stage an argument so you can throw a punch and end up in the cells getting you into a group.



Heather Angel

London before the war is a hot bed of intrigue and deceit so where better a place to work as a spy.

Occupational Abilities: two from Assess Honesty, Flattery, Bargain, Interrogation, Oral History or Intimidation; Disguise, Driving, Scuffling, one from Firearms or Weapons; two from Conceal, Stealth or Shadowing; Streetwise

Credit Rating: 2-5

Special: You’ve been living the lie for so long that you believe it completely. It is almost impossible to catch you out or make you break cover unless you decide to.

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