Masanao Hanihara


Masanao Hanihara 1921

Masanao Hanihara 1921

  • August 25th 1876: Born Yamanashi, Japan
  • 1897: Graduated from the Department of English Political Science of the Tokyo Senmon Gakko
  • 1898: Joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs with his first posting to Seoul
  • 1902: Arrived in United States as an attache at Japanese Embassy at Washington DC
  • 1905: Attended Portsmouth Peace Conference between Japan and Russia as suite of commissioner plenipotentiary
  • 1911: Left post at Japanese Embassy in Washington having risen to position of Secretary
  • June 1st 1916 to 1917: Japan’s Consul General San Francisco
  • Member of the Ishii Mission that negotiated the Lansing–Ishii Agreement
  • Then: Director-general of International Trade Bureau, Japan
  • 1918: Director-general of Political Affairs Bureau
  • 1919: Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • 1921: Commissioner plenipotentiary to Washington Naval Conference
  • December 1922: Appointed ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the United States
  • February 1923: arrived in Washington
  • April 1924: Protested the passage of the Immigration Law by the United States in a letter that was taken as a “veiled threat”.
  • 1924: Returned to Japan
  • 1927: Offered the post of ambassador to Belgium which he refused
  • 1927: Resigned government post
  • December 20th 1934: Died


According to his obituary in The Time :

  • Also known as Little Hani
  • Spoke English perfectly
  • Member of good social clubs
  • Liked by Presidents Roosevelt and Taft
  • Good sense of humour

Published Works

Diplomacy—A Japanese Opinion by Masanao Hanihara The Living Age, April 3, 1926, pp. 31-33


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