Single point spotlight in front demonstration

Vue Lighting Rig: Single Spot In Front

This lighting rig is one I used a lot when I first did lighting for plays at school. We didn’t have many lights and we had even fewer channels for controlling them on our lighting desk. A single spot light is aimed so it is pointing down from the front of the figure at an […]

Vue Lighting Rig: Single Spot Overhead

One of the simplest lighting rigs used in a theatre is a single spot light directly above a figure.  This image shows the principal of this set up. I’ve placed the light closer to the top of the actor than a real light would ideally be placed.  By placing the light higher a narrower beam […]

Vue Lighting Rig: Single Spot Slightly Behind

This is another rig using a single point light.  This its behind the figure so it shines on both the top of their head and the bottom of their feet. With a single light source behind an actor no light falls on any of the facial features. Some light does fall on the top of […]

Vue Lighting Rig: Single Spot Slightly to One Side

This theatrical lighting rig is a variation on a single spot light directly overhead.  The light has been moved slightly to one side and angled so it shines on the figure including both the top of their head and the bottom of their feet. This rig shares the advantage that it is simple and quick […]

Vue Lighting Rig: Spotlights at 45 degrees from the Front and Back

This theatrical lighting rig has one light pointing from the front and one from the back each is at forty-five degrees to the horizontal. The  Single Spot In Front and Single Spot Slightly Behind rigs are similar to the two lights that make up this rig although the light behind is at a steeper angle […]

Vue Lighting Rig: Two Lights from the Side

This rig has a light placed on each side of the stage shining horizontal beams with the lights at head height or above so they shine down onto an actor. Lights placed like this produce a vertical corridor of light across the stage that can be tailored to how much the actor will be moving. […]

Vue Lighting Rig: Two Spots 45 Degrees From the Side

This week rig uses two spotlights to illuminate an actor each is roughly forty-five degrees to the horizontal.  One on the left and one on the right. As the light now comes from an increasingly lower angle the shadow cast on the stage lengthens and a larger corridor is selected across the stage. There is […]

Vue Lighting Rig: Two Spots Slightly to the Side

This is the first of the theatrical rigs to use two spot lights instead of one.  Each lamp is placed in line with the actor one slightly to the left and the other slightly to the right. With two lights there is now light to both sides of the face. There are fewer areas of […]

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