Vue Lighting Rig: Spotlights at 45 degrees from the Front and Back

This theatrical lighting rig has one light pointing from the front and one from the back each is at forty-five degrees to the horizontal. TheĀ  Single Spot In Front and Single Spot Slightly Behind rigs are similar to the two lights that make up this rig although the light behind is at a steeper angle on this one.

It combines both the advantages and disadvantages of those rigs and adds a few of it’s own. Light may be cast on to scenery in front or behind the actor but lighting to the sides of the actor is tightly controlled with little spillage there. The two shadows that are cast can appear unnatural. It is quite an efficient rig as it only requires two lights.

Figure lit with Twin 45degree spotlights front and back

Looking at the actor we seen their face is now lit but there can be unsightly shadows under the nose and chin. The lighting is quite flat with little modelling. The back light reduces the flatness of the lighting adding highlights to the top of the head and the shoulders. This can be enhanced by adding a very small volumetric setting to the light. With real lighting it also back lights the actor’s hair but this is difficult to achieve when rendering.

Figure lit with Twin 45degree spotlights front and back

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