Vue Lighting Rig: Two Lights from the Side

This rig has a light placed on each side of the stage shining horizontal beams with the lights at head height or above so they shine down onto an actor.

Lights placed like this produce a vertical corridor of light across the stage that can be tailored to how much the actor will be moving. This rig provides good visibility and modelling. It creates very long, unnatural shadows. These may fall on props and scenery drawing attention to the lighting’s styalised nature unless the scenery’s texture is designed to hide them. Shutters may be placed to prevent light spilling on to the backdrop, off the front of the stage or on to scenery.

Figure lit by spotlights from each side

This rig can be particularly useful if an actor has a lot of movement in their performance. It is especially useful for lighting dance because of the provision of good modelling while allowing for significant movement where other rigs require an actor to stand on their mark and move only a little.

Figure lit by spotlights from each side

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