Vue Lighting Rig: Single Spot Slightly Behind

This is another rig using a single point light.  This its behind the figure so it shines on both the top of their head and the bottom of their feet.

With a single light source behind an actor no light falls on any of the facial features. Some light does fall on the top of the head and the shoulders creating highlights.

Single Point Spolight Slightly Behind

This rig is simple and quick to render. When used in a theatre the shadow cast on the stage is small but is longer in length than the first week. The actor’s shadow is cast forward on the stage avoiding the backdrop and any scenery behind them.

Single Spotlight Slight Back with no volumetric

With a little haze the actor is effectively separated from the scenery behind them.

Single Point Spolight Slightly Behind Volumetric

Since the actor’s face is in deep shadow strong colours and bright volumetric lighting can be used effectively to create dramatic effects. This second example shows the use of both these lighting techniques.

Single Point Spolight Slightly Behind Blue Volumetric

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