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7th Sea Review for Valkyrie Magazine

(This review appeared in Valkyrie magazine issue 18. It was written in less than 2 evenings) Genres that had eluded role playing successes have been coming to the fore recently with games like Deadlands and Legend of the Five Rings (L5R).  Now AEG, makers of L5R, have turned their attention to swash buckling adventures with […]

Castille / Eisen

Review for Valkyrie of Castille and Eisen sourcebooks for 7th Sea RPG.


This box set provides a detailed and interesting backdrop for a referee to set their 7th Sea adventures against.  With a little work the series of adventures included could lead to many enjoyable hours of gaming.

Mightier than the Sword

Mightier than the sword presents two tasty, little adventures. Voyage on the high seas then schmoose it up at the Sun Kings court. If you need a quick story to drop into your 7th Sea campaign or want something to play without too much preparation these adventures are for you.


Review of Montaigne sourcebook for 7th Sea for Valkyrie magazine in 2000.

Ussura / Vendel • Vesten

Ussura and Vendel • Vesten are both well served by these well presented sourcebooks. The material will be of interest to both players and referees who will find it adds substantially to the detail known of these regions of Théah.

Waves of Blood

Waves of Blood moves parts of the Pirate Nations book and the damper parts of the 7th Sea story arc forward ten months. It provides plenty of opportunities for high adventure and plenty of temptation for the use of bad quotations.

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