7th Sea Burning

I wrote this in late 2004 for an AEG approved 7th Sea fanzine that I don’t think ever appeared.  It provides rules for Fire for 7th Sea d10 (Roll and Keep) system based and expanding on the explosion rules and the material in the Castille and Rilasciare source books. Two alternative methods for handling the spread, growth and duration of fire are included.  It also provides an overview of the current scientific knowledge on Théah regarding fire.  I’ve broken it up into several shorter pieces to make it easier to read.

7th Sea Rules for Fire

Injury from Fire A hero who is exposed to flames or struck by something that is burning suffers fire damage.  There are three factors that affect how much damage a fire causes.  The first factor is the size of the fire.  Small fires cause less damage than large fires.  The second in how hot the […]

El Fuego Adentro Revisited

If you are using El Fuego Adentro the Crunchy Rules for Fire Spreading should be used. New Stunts Blaze Required Mastery Level: Apprentice The sorcerer can increase a fire’s Destruction Knack by their Rank in the Blaze Knack for one round.  These actions may only be used by the fire to use its spreading Knack. […]

7th Sea Fire: New and Revised Skills and Knacks

Fire Fighters A fire fighter is a specialist in saving people and property from fires.  They may be employed by a city in an official capacity or they may be in the pay of an insurance firm. Basic Knacks Fire Sense: A fire fighter can sense what a fire is going to do and where […]

7th Sea Fire: New Equipment

Fire Hooks A hook on the end of a long pole used for fighting fires.  It can be used to remove burning materials from a rooftop, wall or other area that is not yet alight.  A character can extinguish a fire of Fire Dice less than two as an action if they can reach it […]

A Brief Overview of the Current Théan Understanding of Fire

There are three types of fuels commonly found in fires.  Tinder is small sources such as the remnants of pipe smoking, paper, textiles, hair and oil.  Kindling will ignite and burn under the influence of tinder and act as a small source for the continuing fire.  Kindling primarily includes small pieces of wood.  Bulk fuels […]

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