7th Sea Villain of the Week

Antoine le Poignard

Anotine the Knife is a lithe man in his late twenties of average height.  He grew up in a village near Mount Doré in rural Montaigne but that was a lifetime ago, now he is a mercenary killer for hire.   Antoine is a sharp, silent blade in the dark with no cause or conscience if the […]

Captain Desrosiers

Captain Desrosiers is a tall, lean woman in her late thirties her hair shows signs of the years she has spent at sea. She sailed from Montaign with a crew of a hundred secretly planning to take up piracy.  Preferring raiding settlements to hunting ships at sea she has made her fortune and that of […]

Dacian Dubois

Dacian Dubois is the youngest son of a family that has risen to some prominence in a rather backward part of Montaigne.  He’s a reasonably handsome young man who attempts to emulate the dashing cut of a duelist.  Any real master of the blade can see he is a fop with pretensions.  As the youngest […]


Dolphus is a huge grey wolf with a who has haunted the woods of Eisen, Ussura and Vestenmennavenjar for generations.  Half of his left ear is missing and the wound will not heal. He lives to hunt and breed wandering the wilderness alone most of the year but taking up with packs when it suits his […]

Fionn Brix

Fionn is a tough warrior woman from the Highland Marches who appears to be in her mid-teens but is in fact several hundred years old. She is the daughter of a Montaigne noble who arrived with the invasion and a highland lass he took a shine to.  Something of a tomboy she disappeared while our […]

Gioconda la Sarta

Giocanda Fiore is an elderly Vodacce woman with a face full of character and grey hair.  It is rumoured to have once been a beautiful courtesan but now she makes her living trading second hand dresses worn by courtesans.  For far less than they cost she will lend a dress to a courtesan.  Although her life […]

Håkon Bergman

Håkon Bergman is a tall, thin Vestenmennavenjar with hair as white as fresh snow. His family were jarls who ruled a mountainous region of the country.  Bit by bit their power was taken away by others.  Håkon was brought up to believe his family was robbed of their place by other jarls and forced to […]

Henry Girard

Henry is a large weathered man in his mid-forties. Girard has been at sea since he was in his early teens.  He learnt the trade in the Montaigne navy as a powder monkey and later seaman.  After the navy he found life aboard merchant ships dull and took up with various pirate crews.  He is […]

Marquis Louis Chevalier de Basse Marche

The Marquis Louis Chevalier de Basse Marche is a small, undistinguished, middle aged man. The lesser son of a lesser family the Marquis dislikes his appointed task of managing the town of Basse Marche and its surrounding lands so instead he pays an able but uninspired illegitimate son of his father to do the job […]

Master Pwca

Master Pwca is a short, spirit, some would say a short elf of indeterminate gender and age who lives in an out of the way part of Avalon. Master Pwca has always been there as far as the locals remember and they have bribed him every night for as long as they can remember.  Fortunately, […]

Mickhail Mihaylov

Mickhail is a small, pale skinned man in his twenties.  He usually has ink stains on his fingers and clothes and reeks of smoke and alcohol. He is a printer by trade who fled Ussura after printing a diatribe against a wealthy Boyar for a Rilasciare group that drew the full attention of the authorities.  […]

Paul Brown

Paul Brown is a portly gentleman approaching late middle age who is starting to lose his hair.  He has been a provisioner for merchant ships, expeditions and the navy for many years.  He is motivated by the desire to keep his attractive young mistress in the style she has become accustomed to without his wife […]

Stefan Beutel

Stefan is an average sized man in his mid-thirties to forties with a muscular build.  He comes from a long line of Eisen miners.  He fought in the War of the Cross excelling as an artillerist and siege engineer. Since the war ended he has found life rather dull.  He has taken work as a […]


Someone somewhere may know if dark haired swordsman Vásquez has a first name. The Castilian sword for hire has made her way since the recent unpleasantness with Montaigne as a sword for hire. She dresses as many former soldiers cast adrift across Théah, talks as they do and acts as they do. Her nature is mercurial. One day she simply wants […]

Эрик Павлов

Эрик Павлов (Erik Pavlov) is a big bald, clean shaven man with a pair of big axes.  All three of them are for hire. Where Erik came from no one is certain he doesn’t talk a lot.  When he speaks his words are a polyglot of Montaigne, Eisen, Avalonian, Vestenmennavenjar and Usuran with a smattering of […]

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