The Green Men of Avalon

The Green Men are an order of men and women who act as the monarch’s escort on state occasions walking ahead of their procession clearing the way for them. They appear as wild people bearing long, conical staffs that shoot fountains of sparks from the broad end.  They are also renown for the firework displays they produce on state occasions. Their headquarters is hidden somewhere in the mountains of Avalon.  Appointment to the order is at the monarch’s discretion.

Green Men Swordsman’s School

Country of Origin: Avalon

Basic Curriculum: Heavy Weapons, Natural Philosophy

Swordsman Knack:

  • Tagging (Heavy Weapon)
  • Beat (Heavy Weapon)
  • Whirl (Heavy Weapon)
  • Exploit Weakness (Green Man)


Green Man teaches its students to defeat a large number of opponents at once.  You get a free raise to Whirl attacks when using any heavy weapon.


When weaving and displaying the Green Man’s staff the journeyman may increase their TN to be hit by 5 for the current turn and get a free raise on the tagging skill.


The master of the Green Man school has learnt to control the flaming sparks jetting from the end of the Green Man’s staff.  They can make a ranged attack up to 15’ away (-0 Close –5 long range) doing 2k2 close and 1k1 long range.

The master’s expertise at delivering damage with the Green Man’s staff also means their attack in hand to hand is treated as a firearm attack for extra dramatic wounds.

Green Man’s Staff

Damage 4k3 when lit 3k1 when not.  Range N/A

Burns for 30 actions for combat.  This is known as burning hot.

Burns for 30 minutes when used for display.  This is known as burning cold.

To change from burning cold to burning hot takes an action.

Reloading takes 60 actions and the character reloading the weapon must have the Natural Philosophy knack.

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