Chasseuse de Delacroix

The Chasseuse de Delacroix are a Dûn-Nomin section for Wessex Games’ Panzerfäuste 1st edition (they should also be a pretty good fit for Hysterical Games’ Panzerfäuste Skirmish 2nd edition).


Sous-lieutenant Delacroix

Delacroix is a romantic at heart with a perchance for the dramatic. In combat he prefers movement to parade ground precision. He has a strong identification with the violent nature of forces of the sublime passion. Yet when he needs to be he can be coldly determined. He is the youngest of four siblings all of whom were much older, Raymond became a general, Henriette married a diplomat and Henri, a soldier, was killed in battle with the Dwarves when Delacroix was just ten.

He has travelled to distant continents as an officer of the foreign legion. Recently returned to he has been thrown into the battle as a replacement alongside gnomes who don’t know him or trust him.

He begins with the Inspired Leadership ability but with a range of 6cm and a -2 modifier. Each battle he leads the squad the range increases by 1cm and the modifier increases by 1 to a maximum of +2 and 10cm.

Sergent-chef Pissarro

Pissarro was born on a small gnomish colony off the coast of Dûn-Xplôren. He is the heart of the squad, not just because he is its oldest member but also by virtue of his wisdom and his balanced, kind and warm-hearted personality. He suspects Cassatt, Guillaumin and Morisot have secrets. Many of his men (and his “men”) look to him as a father figure.

Until Sous-lieutenant Delacroix has an Inspired Leadership modifier of 0 Pissarro may use Inspired Leadership to rally the squad. However in any battle he does count towards Delacroix improving his Inspired Leadership.

Sergent Monet

Monet spent some time in Branzhûm. He has been suspected of revolutionary activities on occasion. He quite likes messing around on the river in small boats.

+1 on any action while on a boat.

On any critical success with a grenade or improvised bomb he discovers an improvised bomb in his backpack.

Caporal-chef Degas

If Degas were not a Caporal-chef he would like nothing more in life than to be involved with dance or possibly race horses he has spent many hours trying to devise a way to do both at once.

Chasseur Bazille

Has some training as a medic.

He may attempt to treat an injured character he is in contact with using his first aid kit up to three times in a battle.

Result Effect
Critical Success +1Guts to Bazille. +2 Guts to Target
Success +1 Guts to Target
Failure No effect
Critical Failure Target suppressed or -1 Guts if already suppressed


Chasseur Caillebotte

Caillebotte comes from a successful and wealthy background. Caillebotte has many interests including stamp collecting, orchid growing, yacht building and textile design. He’s not quite sure why he’s in the army other than all his friends joined up so it seemed the right thing to do.

Chasseur Cassatt

Cassatt has a secret. Chasseur Marie Cassatt born in Æolöndia. Which is not her secret but explains her strange accent. She is the loader for Chasseur Cézanne’s LMG.

Chasseur Cézanne

Known for his intensity and liking of short repetitive actions. Cézanne joined the army against the wishes of his father a Zulrich banker.

Chasseur Guillaumin

Unfortunately for Guillaumin his companions discovered he gave up working at his uncle’s lingerie shop to join the army. He has also had experience working on the Dûn-Nomin railways which he discovered on his first visit to the porters rest room wasn’t the place to go to escape the image of young ladies wearing their delicate underthings.

Chasseur Manet

Chasseur Manet has a reputation for being controversial and likes nothing more than to be the rallying point for those who agree with him. This tends to result in him being in the middle of any bar room brawl the squad finds itself involved in. It also often means he started it.

Manet gets +1 on melee combat.

Chasseur Morisot

Morisot has a secret. Chasseur Marie Morisot born in provincial Dun Nomin. Which is not her secret but explains her strange accent. Morisot is engaged to Chasseur Manet’s brother.

Chasseur Renoir

Working in a porcelain factory before travelling the land. He is known for his fine beard and as a celebrator of beauty, and especially feminine sensuality. He holds the position of first rifleman.

Chasseur Sisley

Although he was born and has spent most of his life in Dûn-Nomin Chasseur Sisley holds citizenship of Branzhûm as his father was a successful orc silk merchant living in Dûn-Nomin. The army overlooked this small detail on his application as a) he’s a gnome b) the orcs are (surprisingly) on their side c) they need all the gnomes they can get in the army d) the war isn’t going so well e) no really it’s that bad f) really g) that bad.

Aspirant Colombophile “Corot”

Aspirant “Corot” has the misfortune to be the right gnome born at exactly the wrong time in the wrong family. If it weren’t for the war he would be applying himself to his passion for the natural sciences. Unfortunately his family includes more famous gnome war heroes than any family tree should really be loaded with. So he was sent off to the military academy to follow in the family footsteps. There he has spent an inordinate amount of time studying gnomish communication systems, ciphers and the army’s pigeon.

Just when he thought he might be able to avoid any actual soldiering war breaks out. Along with his fellow Aspirants he was attached immediately to a company as a junior staff officer. The academies commander did him a single favour – he exchanged his records with those of Aspirant “Corot” (an entirely fictional student) freeing the young gnome from the pressure of his family name.

The fiction hasn’t taken in any of his current commanding officers but they are playing along while doing their best to keep him away from any real action. They fear his mother’s fury far more than they fear his father no matter much brass the Général de corps d’armée might have on his chest.

Ironically this strategy may well have put him right at the heart of the action.


Name Experience Guts Equipment Glory Element
Sous-lieutenant Delacroix Experienced 7 Pistol, Grenades x 2 35  
Sergent-chef Pissarro Veteran 8 Sub-Machine Gun, Pistol, Grenades x 2 50  
Sergent Monet Experienced 7 Rifle, Grenade 35  
Caporal-chef Degas Normal 6 Rifle, Grenade 25 demi-groupe de fusiliers
Chasseur Cézanne Experienced 7 Light Machine Gun 35 demi-groupe de fusiliers
Chasseur Guillaumin Normal 6 Rifle, Grenade 25 demi-groupe de voltigeurs
Chasseur Manet Normal 6 Rifle, Rifle Grenades x3 25 demi-groupe de voltigeurs
Chasseur Renoir Normal 6 Rifle, Grenade 25 demi-groupe de voltigeurs
Chasseur Bazille Green 6 Rifle, First Aid Kit 0 demi-groupe de fusiliers
Chasseur Caillebotte Green 6 Rifle, Grenade 0 demi-groupe de voltigeurs
Chasseur Cassatt Green 6 Pistol 0 demi-groupe de fusiliers
Chasseur Sisley Green 6 Rifle Grenade 0 demi-groupe de voltigeurs
Chasseur Morisot Green 6 Rifle 0 demi-groupe de fusiliers
Aspirant Colombophile “Corot” Green 6 Pistol, Pigeon 0  

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