Panzerfaüste Gear

Medical Kit

A medic may attempt to treat an injured character they are in contact with using his first aid kit up to three times in a battle.

Result Effect
Critical Success +1 Guts to Medic. +2 Guts to Target
Success +1 Guts to Target
Failure No effect
Critical Failure Target suppressed or -1 Guts if already suppressed

LMG Parts

A character carrying LMG parts who is within 5cm of a character firing an LMG that suffers a critical failure on firing causes a -1 on the Weapon Malfunction roll for the LMG.

They can give up their movement actions to assist in unjamming an LMG which increases a Critical Failure to a Failure or a Failure to a Success (no effect on Success or Critical Success). This must be declared before the unjamming roll is made.

Automatic Rifle Spares

Just like LMG Parts but for a light elf Automatic Rifle.

Light Elf Bolt Action Rifle

Issued to the designated marksman in a light elf squad this unscoped bolt action rifle is slower than the semi-automatic rifles issued to the rest of the squad but gives an additional +1 Guts modifier on attacks at Effective and Long Range.

Orc Short Sword

Orc infantry still carry ahave short swords giving +2 in close combat.

Troglodyte Sabre

While other armies have invested in the development of modern weapons the cash starved Tôrg Baraz generals have issued their troops with the cutting edge in modern cavalry swords.

It gives a +2 close combat modifier when on foot and +3 when mounted in the first round of combat.


A lance gives a +3 bonus in the first round of combat but a -3 on the second and subsequent rounds.

Trow Rifle with Scope

Weapon Fire Type Guts Modifier Short Range to Effective Range to Long Range to
Trow Rifle with Scope SS +1 25 50 85


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