Svartheim (Trow) Infantry Section

A regular infantry section of Svartheim (Trow) infantry from the early war period. Due to abolition of NCO profession ten years before the war much of Svartheim’s infantry lack veteran NCOs at the start of the war. Trow forces lack grenades and SMGs are rare. The standard issue rifle is a slow, older design that needs regular maintenance but with a long tradition of hunting scopes are not unusual.

No Rank Name Experience Guts Equipment Glory
1 Korporal Adamsen Experienced 9 Pistol 35
2 Menig Baardsson Experienced 9 Sub-Machine Gun 35
3 Menig Carlson Normal 8 Rifle with Scope 25
4 Menig Danielsen Normal 8 Rifle with Scope 25
5 Menig Eriksen Normal 8 Light Machine Gun 25
6 Menig Haakonsson Green 6 Rifle
LMG Spares
7 Menig Jakobsen Green 6 Rifle
LMG Spares
8 Menig Knutsen Green 6 Rifle with Scope 0
9 Menig Leonardsen Green 6 Rifle 0

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