Ebon Masks

Ebon masks are the latest must have fashion accessory for the in crowd ebon. Produced by Dark Lament in over five hundred different designs and a vast array of colours the popularity of this product line is apparent through its adoption to by other races. The simplest single coloured black or white masks are amongst the most popular designs with the primary colours also selling particularly well. Simple glyphs can be scribed on the inside of the mask for added effects and these are guaranteed by Dark Lament for one year and one day. So buy your mask now and be a real smash at the ball.

Ebon Masks Game Stuff

  • Masks cost between five and fifty credits based on the design.
  • Glyph scribing costs extra.
  • Up to ten glyphs can be scribed on a mask.
  • A mask retains its powers for one year and one day.
Glyph Effect Cost
Cool Keeps wearers drink chilled 50
Chill Cold aura round wearer 100
Whisper* Message to one person 5 words unheard by
others 1xday
Look My Way* Attract one persons attention per hour 100
Notice Me Everyone notices wearers presence 1000
Ignore Me People forget wearer was there 2000
Who* Know a persons name 1xday 100
Happy Wearer feels happy 50
Sad Wearer feels sad 50
Clean Mask remains clean 50
Protect Mask is indestructable by normal means 1000
Strobe* Small strobe light on mask 300
Beam* Tiny, harmless laser beam of coloured light
shines from mask
Rays Rays of coloured light are emmited by the mask in
a changing pattern
Orb* A small light emmiting gem on the mask 20
Aura Wearer glows with a faint aura 200
Hair Glow Wearers hair has a faint aura 50
Charge* May deliver one small harmless electric shock
per hour
Charm Wearer is charming Cha+1 500
Table A telikinetic table capable of supporting a
small plate or drink is at the wearers disposal
Waiter Fold in drinks or refreshments 1000
Lighter Hand cigarette lighter 20
Nosey Rank+1 Exceptional hearing 1000
Stare Rank+1 Exceptional vision 1000

*indicates glyph may be scribed multiple times to gain multiple effects.

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