Jab Military

Produced by Jab for the forces of SLA Industries, limited availability to Operative from Civilian Pharmacies throughout Mort. Security Clearance Card must be shown as proof of eligibility for purchase. Please do not be offended we ask all Operatives to show their card.

Calma sterlin

This agent protects against all known chemical warfare agents for up to eight hours. 1c for 10 doses.

Nerve Shield

Used on Dante since 895SD this drug provides complete resistance to all neurological attacks for up to twenty four hours. 1c for 5 doses.


The original drug in the Clear series provides a rapid cure for all known venoms. 1c for 20 doses.

Clear Out

Second generation clear synthesised to cure the effects of all known venoms, poisons, toxins and heavy metal poisoning. 3c for 20 doses.


Need to hold the mood of the moment?

Try fixer.

Fixer stabilises your mood in its current state for up to twelve hours or until the antidote is administered. 10c per dose of Fixer. 3c per dose of Antidote. 10c Antidote Gas Grenade.


In cases of serious trauma Stasis has saved more lives than any other drug on the war worlds. The patient is temporarily introduced into a cryogenic like state for up to three hours or until the antidote is administered. Stasis retails for 100c per dose including the antidote and must be administered within thirty seconds of the trauma occurring.


Gevlon spray is a fast acting coagulant which when applied to a wound causes an instantaneous cessation of bleeding. 20c for a 100 dose can.

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