The Street News Sheet is produced by a team of Ex-War Criminals and other former employees of SLA Industries. It examines Mort’s underside and is produced daily on low quality paper printed in black and white covering both sides of a sheet of A3 paper folded in two. ‘Street’ is sold by Ex-War Criminals trying to make a new start and cyber tramps who are too proud to beg. It costs 2u from a vendor or Operatives can have it delivered daily for 2c. The new issue reaches the Streets around 1500 hours each day. Street is currently a 3rd Eye subsidiary company with 49% of the shares owned by the editorial staff.

Format and Contents

The basic format of each issue is News on the front page; more news, an editorial and reviews on page 2; Features on page 3 and the sport, weather and cartoons on page 4.

The features section runs on a seven day schedule:

Day 1 Kit (Equipment Reviews)

Day 2 Down and Dirty (Investigative Reporting)

Day 3 Wear and Tear (Fashion)

Day 4 RtS (Arts Review)

Day 5 Clubbed (Night time Reviews)

Day 6 Mornin After (The weeks obituries)

Day 7 Pulse (Medical and Pharmaceutical Matters)

The Weather Report always reads “Heavy, Constant Rain, Colour May Vary”

Although the cartoons come and go the most popular series is ‘Homicide’ a parody of the life of a SLOp who never quite makes it above SCL 10 and who probably knows more about SLA than anyone short of the top dogs.


Originally established as the monthly private news letter of the survivors of the Wild Pigs Company Militia division after their service on Dante. Street rapidly grew into a rarity, a pro-SLA underground publication. Soon other Ex-War Criminals and former SLOps, particularly cyber tramps, had become involved and the circulation was in the thousands of copies a day. After serious attempts by DarkNight to subvert ‘Street’ the news sheet was taken under SLA Industries protective wing where it has flourished. Its daily circulation is now in the millions and it has helped to rehabilitate many of SLA Industries finest employees.

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