Jab Recreational

The following recreational diversions are currently available from Jab Civilian Pharmacies throughout Mort.


Love life got you down? Give your dream date a bottle of Woph and wait for pashion to erupt. 2u per bottle


An interesting mix of lumo red, chilli, lemonade and alcohol. Try it tonight and see if you can survive Inferno. 2u per bottle.

Volt Cola

High Kaffeine, High Sugar with just a trace of rush for the best kick around. 10u for 4 bottles.

Brownie Points

For a mellow moment try Brownie Points, chocolate chip and the finest relaxants in the WoP. 5u for 4.

Zip Chocolate

96% Coco Mass 2% Amphetamine 2% Emulsifiers need we say more? 100g bar for 1u.


For that feel good moment try NEW Hock a tangy mix of tropical fruits, lemonade and dihydrocodeine. 1u per bottle.


Ever popular with the dance crowd, Woosh will help you party all night. 1u per bottle.


For an improved sense of the universes beat try Drummer today and lose the extra left foot. 5 bottles for 1u.

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