Jab Civilian

The following drugs are currently available from Jab Civilian Pharmacies throughout Mort.


Headache? Take Aspin for instant relief. 20 for 1u.


Dark, throbbing Headache take Migex. 10 for 1u.
Do not take with other ingested pharmaceutical products.


The most effective personal insecticide ever developed, tested for over twenty years in the jungles of Altoch by SLA troops. Doom is now available as bars of soap to the Civilians of Mort for the first time. Wash once a day with Doom for a fresher feeling. Only 5u a bar.

Clear Off

This effective insect repellent provides up to an hour relief from the most voracious of pests. Now available for the first time after successful trials on Altoch be free from the hidden enemy. Available as a spray, a cream or a liquid for just 2u for 100 doses.

Clear Head

Hard night in the Pit?

Try clear head brought to you by the New Sun Pharmaceutical Company of Orienta. Guaranteed to get you on your feet again in under ten minutes. 50 sachets for just 1u.

Clear Tum

For Indigestion take Clear Tum, the pink pink fuzz. 50 sachets for 1u.

Clear Out

For relief from constipation take Clear Out. 10 tablets 1u.

THE Pill

To prevent unwanted pregnancies take THE Pill available in the blue packets for him and the pink packets for her. 30 for 5u.


Can’t sleep? Take new improved Snooze for a guaranteed eight hours sleep. 25 tablets for 5u.

Stay Up

When that report is due at 0900 tommorrow or Finals loom at Meny use Stay Up for those extra hours. 1u for 20.

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