Red Shift

Report for Street By Diss-Member 899 Red Shift Group Report

The Red Shift Group was established in 898 to provide a new and valuable service to SLA Industries and to provide employment to company operatives. Red Shift offer contracts of employment to operatives for a shift of eight hours either 8AM to 4PM, 4PM to Midnight or Midnight till 8AM. The basic pay for working a shift is 10c in return for which the squad wait in a holding area until a Red BPN is passed to them by a squad controller. They are then rushed by appropriate transport to the scene to deal with the situation. Afterwards they are returned to a holding area to await further BPNs. Red Shift take a 10% cut of any financial gains Ops working for them may receive during a shift. Red Shift make no secret of their hunger to make money and squads working for them are likely to find themselves thrown from BPN to BPN with little if no respite. For the SLOp though a single shift can pay the rent and lead to a significant SCL increase.

Report for Street by Agenda 899 Flying Squads

Yesterday Red Shift announced the introduction of a new financial opportunity for SCL 7 and better SLOps. A combat ready squad may now volunteer for Flying Squad duty. Such squads are to be kept in a constant state of availability to SLA in Drop Ships flying above Mort available for deployment at an instants notice. Such squads will be paid a flat rate of 50c up front and can be expected to be deployed at an instant to deal with some of the most serious situations arising in Mort.

Report for Street by Agenda 899 Night Shift

Red Shift have announced an increase in basic pay for those taking the Midnight to 8AM shift of 10c to 20c for SLOps on contract for that shift.

Report for Street by Dissjuncture 900 Record Profits for Red Shift

Due to the 900 celebrations Red Shift today announced record first quarter profits due to the high number of Red BPNs issued during the celebrations.

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