7th Sea Fire: New and Revised Skills and Knacks

Fire Fighters

A fire fighter is a specialist in saving people and property from fires.  They may be employed by a city in an official capacity or they may be in the pay of an insurance firm.

Basic Knacks

Fire Sense: A fire fighter can sense what a fire is going to do and where there are fires.  A hero with this Knack may roll their fire sense against a hidden fires stealth roll to detect it.  They can do this even if they are not looking for a fire if it is nearby.  They can sense fires in other rooms, under floors and otherwise hidden to the untrained in this way.    They can spot fires at a great distance if they can see the fire’s location or a building containing a dangerous fire.    On a successful roll of Fire Sense + Wits versus a Fire’s Wits + Stealth they can determine when the fire will act and what the fire will use its actions for during the next round.

Fight Fire: A fire fighter is Skilled in the art of extinguishing fires and the apparatus used to fight fires.

Climbing: You understand how to find hand and footholds and use climbing gear, and how to seek the easiest path to climb in the first place.  If you are attacked while climbing you use this Knack as your defence Knack.

Street Navigation: Knowing the layout of a city is vital to getting to a fire quickly.  A successful roll grants you information on how to get somewhere fast.  You suffer a –2 unkept dice penalty using this Knack in a city you are unfamiliar with.

Advanced Knacks

Architecture: You understand the structure of buildings, from the barest mud hut to the grandest palace.

Drive Carriage: Fire fighter rarely drives their carriage at a sedate pace through the streets.  Usually they are racing to a fire as fast as the animals drawing them will go. The animal must be hitched up, prevented from scraping the carriage along a wall.  Worse still, the carriage is bulky and difficult to stop, so it presents a hazard to pedestrians who are not quick on their feet.  You have learnt to deal with all these things.

Examiner: Traces of how a fire started and burnt can be found after a fire.  You can also identify objects and bodies found in or damaged by fire.  You are also Skilled in examining the effects of explosions.

Hand Signs: A fire fighter can communicate with other fire fighters without saying a word.

Natural Philosophy: This is the study of both Chemistry and Physics – sciences vital to understanding how a fire burns.

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