El Fuego Adentro Revisited

If you are using El Fuego Adentro the Crunchy Rules for Fire Spreading should be used.

New Stunts


Required Mastery Level: Apprentice

The sorcerer can increase a fire’s Destruction Knack by their Rank in the Blaze Knack for one round.  These actions may only be used by the fire to use its spreading Knack.

This Knack inflicts a number of flesh wounds equal to the increase in the fire’s destruction each time it is used.


Required Mastery Level: Apprentice

The sorcerer increases a fire’s Panache by their level in this Knack.  Immediately roll extra action dice for the fire.

This Knack inflicts a number of flesh wounds equal to the number of actions given each time it is used.

Dancing Flame

Required Mastery Level: Apprentice

The sorcerer creates a small flame of 1 or 2 dice in size that they can juggle, have dance about and otherwise provide entertainment.  This flame cannot or set anything else on fire.  It lasts for up to an hour and provides the same amount of light as a blazing torch.

Light Touch Paper

Required Mastery Level: Apprentice

The sorcerer may set fire to explosive materials causing them to explode.  They roll their level in the Knack against five times the explosives explosion rating.  If they succeed the explosive detonates.  They take two flesh wounds for each dice of damage rolled for the explosion.

They may also use this Knack to set off the powder in loaded firearms.  They can set off two muskets, pistols or other small arms for each Rank they have in the Knack and take one flesh wound for using this ability.

The third use for this ability to is to ignite any fuse to a set explosive charge they can see.  This causes them to take a single flesh wound.

Fire Storm

Required Mastery Level: Adept

The sorcerer can cause burning fragments of material from a fire to fly into the sky.  These can start additional fires. They can create a number of fragments equal to their Rank in this Knack times the number of Fire Dice of the source fire.  They can cause the fragments to come down up to ten times their Rank in this Knack in yards away from the fire.  Each fragment is a Rank 1 fire.  If it lands on flammable material such as a thatched roof it will continue burning and will become a new fire.  If it lands on something that doesn’t burn it will go out after a round.

The sorcerer takes one wound for every five fragments created.  The Feed Knack can be used to absorb some of the damage.

Living Flame

Required Mastery Level: Adept

The sorcerer can imbue a fire with increased Wits and choose to make it either a Hero or a Villain.  The fire retains these characteristics until it is extinguished and may effectively move its sentience to any remaining part of a fire connected to it so merely extinguishing one part of the fire does not put out its spark of life.

A living flame can speak the languages known to the Sorcerer when it is created.  A fire fuelled with wood speaks with a rough, crackling accent while one burning oil or paper has a more refined tone  but whatever voice it speaks with it is always obviously unnatural.  Few living flames ever learn any Knacks other than those a fire begins with a carefully nurtured living flame can learn some Skills and Knacks including, for example, Courtier (Dancing, Etiquette, Diplomacy, Gossip, Read Lips, Politics, Scheming, Sincerity), Performer (Dancing, Circus, Cold Read) and Scholar (History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Law, Natural Philosophy, Occult, Theology)

This Knack inflicts five flesh wounds each time it is used.  These flesh wounds do not heal until the living flame is extinguished.

Burning Man

Required Mastery Level: Master

The sorcerer walks through a fire at least 3 dice big.  The fire is reduced by three dice immediately.  Anyone who touches or strikes the sorcerer is clothed in a three dice fire.  The sorcerer can use their Burning Man Knack as their  Rank in the fire’s Destruction and Spreading Knacks.

Anyone touching or striking the character or who is touched or struck by the character takes damage from the fire in addition to any other damage they might suffer.

The character takes a Flesh Wound for each dice of fire they are engulfed in at the start of each round they are alight.

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