Captain Desrosiers

Villainy: 11
Strength: 6
Influence: 5


  • Sea Legs
  • Duelist (Valroux)
Virtue: The Emperor - Commanding
Hubris: The Magician - Ambitious

Captain Desrosiers is a tall, lean woman in her late thirties her hair shows signs of the years she has spent at sea.

She sailed from Montaign with a crew of a hundred secretly planning to take up piracy.  Preferring raiding settlements to hunting ships at sea she has made her fortune and that of her crew plundering small harbours across Théah.

Desrosiers is motivated by gold and fear of her crew.  She set out to sea in a ship paid for by backers the crew are unaware of.  For the first six months of their voyage they found no plunder and afraid they would mutiny she turned to raiding.  She is the master of cutting out operations but will also plunder a village if there are no ships to be had.

She projects an air of confidence and self-belief that will see her crew follow any plan she puts to the vote.

She has built up an encyclopaedic knowledge of ports especially those where valuable merchantmen put in that are poorly defended.

She knows places where a small ship can put in for repairs or to unload a cargo especially in Montaign.  The crew don’t realise they are working for a hidden power who takes a share of their plunder and sometimes sends Desrosiers and the ship to do their bidding.

There are few better than her in all of Théah of mounting cutting out expeditions or managing a seaborn raiding force of a few hundred aboard up to a dozen vessels.


  • Capturing a small coaster or fishing vessel at sea Desrosiers will have a crew ply their trade along a stretch of coast learning where is vulnerable and where the best loot is to be found. The small boat will return its hold filled with a secret cargo of raiders. The raiders remove anyone keeping watch and disable any methods prepared for giving the alarm or calling for reinforcements. Desrosiers’ ships then attack the port in force seizing whatever booty and vessels they can and sail off before help can arrive.

  • Discovering a rich target will put in to a port that is too well defended to raid Desrosiers will lead a cutting out party to kill any crew on watch and then sail the ship quietly out of the harbour.

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