Håkon Bergman

Villainy: 4
Strength: 3
Influence: 1


  • Alchemist
  • Poison Immunity
  • University
Virtue: The Moonless Night - Subtle
Hubris: The Fool - Curious

Håkon Bergman is a tall, thin Vestenmennavenjar with hair as white as fresh snow.

His family were jarls who ruled a mountainous region of the country.  Bit by bit their power was taken away by others.  Håkon was brought up to believe his family was robbed of their place by other jarls and forced to sell their land and property to carls.  She was forced to marry her husband to save the last of the families position.  Her husband is weak.  Her grandfather was a fool.  She taught him it was his responsibility to restore the family to its proper place.  She still whispers this in his ear.  She will whisper it in his ear even once she has been taken by the grave.

His father sent him away to study at a Castilian university.  There he studied hard during the day.  Looking for a cheap place to stay he took lodgings with a former professor who had retired from the university under a cloud of rumours.  At night he assisted the old man in his search for the philosopher’s stone.  Together they explored the mysteries of science and the occult.

On his father’s death he returned home and fell once more under his mother’s sway.

Håkon is naturally quiet and a bit of a loner but he has taught himself to appear more outgoing.  Still his eyes can often be seen looking for a way out of a crowded room.

His studies have made him familiar with academic fields.  His father taught him something of being a merchant.  He excels most in alchemy and chemistry.

Håkon knows all the families who brought his family to their current situation.  He knows how to make poisons unknown in this part of the land.  One by one he will remove them and take back what should be his.  He only regrets not killing his father as he was one of the evil men responsible for his plight.


  • Håkon has identified a chain of twelve people who if removed will result in him regaining his families position. He intends to murder them one by one. He won't necessarily go after them in an obvious sequential order.

  • Knowing that being the last person to see a poison victim alive will make him an obvious suspect he will at first try to use poisons that appear to cause deaths by natural causes.

  • If he can't avoid a death appearing suspicious he will use a delayed action poison or a slow acting one to make it harder to identify him as the murderer. He may try to frame someone else by planting evidence. Such as a group of wandering heroes who happen to be new in the area.

  • As he succeeds in his plot and gains some wealth, influence and position he may hire other villains to remove some of those who stand between him and his ultimate goal.

  • Although he would prefer only to poison those who stand between him and his rightful inheritance he will, if he feels no other route is open, poison a households water supply. After that he may escalate to a village or even a town.

  • Notes

    He can use his Alchemy to create a wide variety of poisons and potions.

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