Marquis Louis Chevalier de Basse Marche

Villainy: 6
Strength: 3
Influence: 3


  • Rich
  • Favour Trading (See Notes)
Virtue: The Road - Friendly
Hubris: The Magician – Ambitious

The Marquis Louis Chevalier de Basse Marche is a small, undistinguished, middle aged man.

The lesser son of a lesser family the Marquis dislikes his appointed task of managing the town of Basse Marche and its surrounding lands so instead he pays an able but uninspired illegitimate son of his father to do the job for him.

Louis is motivated by his lust for influence at court.  He wouldn’t want to be the king but he would like to be the king maker and have the king’s ear.

He may appear quite vane to others dressed in the latest court fashion, with the right makeup and accoutrements.  This is entirely an act he puts on in order to blend in at court.  He cares about his survival then his influence above everything else.

Louis is likely to know any gossip, rumour or scandal at the Montaigne court.  He also knows who’s who, who’s in charge of what, who wants to be in charge of what, who to bribe to get things done and generally all sorts of useful things to know about court.

If he doesn’t know something secret about someone at court he can find out by calling in a few favours.

The Marquis is an expert in trading favours for knowledge and influence.


  • The Marquis schemes revolve around gaining favours he can call in later.

  • Notes

    Favour Trading: Each significant favour Louis is asked to do for a Hero or Villain becomes a scheme.  He rarely invests more than 1 or 2 points in any favour.  He can say he’ll do a favour and then choose not to in which case he doesn’t spend any influence but can’t lose it either. If he delivers on a favour he can call it in later. Calling in one of these favours (and having a hero or villain make do what he wanted) loses him the original influence he invested in it but not the extra influence gained as a result of it. If the hero or villain says they will do something but don’t he doesn’t lose the influence.

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