Henry Girard

Villainy: 8
Strength: 6
Influence: 2


  • Able Drinker
  • Bar Fighter
  • Reckless Takedown
  • Sea Legs
Virtue: The Hero - Courageous
Hubris: The Throne - Stubborn

Henry is a large weathered man in his mid-forties.

Girard has been at sea since he was in his early teens.  He learnt the trade in the Montaigne navy as a powder monkey and later seaman.  After the navy he found life aboard merchant ships dull and took up with various pirate crews.  He is currently the Ship’s Master on Captain Desrosiers ship.

He seeks wealth and adventure in equal measure.  His tastes are simple.  He will endure the hardships of sea so long as there is rum.  When they find themselves in harbour he will trade his wealth for the companionship of women, good food and strong drink.

Girard has a no nonsense approach to life.  So long as his captain plays straight by him and the crew he will see the captain’s word is law.

If you need to know about pirates from Montaigne or other nations Girard has met plenty of them.  He knows ports where a pirate ship can land safely and sell its loot.  He also knows how the Montaigne navy works.

Somewhere there is a treasure chest that only Henry Girard knows the location of. After it was buried he set a slow fuse in the ship’s magazine while the crew slept before escaping in a boat he’d prepared.  One day he’ll decide its time to retire and go back for his loot.

Above everything else he knows how to run a ship.  He can in a matter of weeks turn almost any crew in to an efficient one.  They may not be happy but they will know their job.


  • Girard is happy to follow the Captain's plan at the moment. If she were to start to lose influence he might consider repeating his previous sabotage and taking what he can for himself.

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