Stefan Beutel

Villainy: 10
Strength: 8
Influence: 2


  • Boxer
  • Master Crafter (bombs, mines and other explosives)
  • Second Story Work
  • Streetwise
Virtue: The War - Victorious
Hubris: The War - Loyal

Stefan is an average sized man in his mid-thirties to forties with a muscular build.  He comes from a long line of Eisen miners.  He fought in the War of the Cross excelling as an artillerist and siege engineer.

Since the war ended he has found life rather dull.  He has taken work as a mercenary anywhere in Théah that someone will pay him to blow things up.

Sullen and withdrawn when not at war or taking risks he comes alive when in danger.  Between jobs he alternates between drunkenly propping up the wall in a tavern and engaging in high risk activities.

If you want to blow something up – be it a bridge, a fortification or a palace – Stefan knows how.  He knows where to get the materials.  He knows how to get them where they need to be undetected.  He knows how to not be there when they go off.

Stefan saw things during the war.  He heard things during the war.  He did things during the war.  He wishes he could forget and when he’s busy or drunk he can.


  • Stefan isn't much of a schemer in his own right more of a tool in other villains schemes.

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