Antoine le Poignard

Villainy: 12
Strength: 11
Influence: 1


  • Direction Sense
  • Duelist Academy (Boucher)
  • Fencer
  • Psst, Over Here
Virtue: The Fool - Wily
Hubris: The Lovers - Star-Crossed

Anotine the Knife is a lithe man in his late twenties of average height.  He grew up in a village near Mount Doré in rural Montaigne but that was a lifetime ago, now he is a mercenary killer for hire.   Antoine is a sharp, silent blade in the dark with no cause or conscience if the purse means he’ll not have to spend another night with goats.  He doesn’t care why the victim is.

He likes to drink and spend time with attractive ladies. Despite ten years in the city his accent still has a twang of the hills.  Although he speaks of the land around Mount Doré with disdain his knowledge of the area is excellent from his days herding goats.

A few drinks can get him talking and he may well let slip who he killed for who.  He may also let slip that he didn’t flee the hills because he killed a man as rumour has it but to avoid the anger of the father of a man who caught him with his daughter.

He is an expert in silently killing with his deadly knives – he knows many ways to kill with them but is happy to resort to a simple stab to the heart or slit throat.


  • Antoine isn’t much of a schemer beyond chasing ladies. He is more of a sharp instrument employed by other schemers to do their dirty work. However should he feel a hero has wronged him he might begin to scheme revenge which will most likely involve a sharp knife in the back in a dark alley on a moonless night when no one else is around.

  • Antoine might be drawn in to a love triangle for the affection of an attractive woman but there would have to be something exceptional about her.

  • He usually works alone striking from the shadows and then vanishing. He prefers to remove victims when they are alone. If confronted by strong opponents he will happily disable them then make his escape. However if he is trapped he will fight to the last.

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