Villainy: 12
Strength: 6
Influence: 6

Monstrous Qualities:

  • Fearsome
  • Regeneration
Virtue: The War - Victorious
Hubris: The Throne - Stubborn

Dolphus is a huge grey wolf with a who has haunted the woods of Eisen, Ussura and Vestenmennavenjar for generations.  Half of his left ear is missing and the wound will not heal.

He lives to hunt and breed wandering the wilderness alone most of the year but taking up with packs when it suits his purposes.  The alpha males of packs acknowledge his supremacy.  Dolphus does not know or care why he has outlived every other wolf he has ever met but he is aware of it on some level.  He has a memory that he was once told him that he had domain over all the wolves in the wood as far as it stretched across the northern lands.

Dolphus lives to watch over wolf packs and to stalk the ancient woods. A loner by nature Dolphus will settle with a pack for a month or two when it suits him.  When he senses a threat to the ancient wood he may bring several packs together in one place to confront it.

Dolphus thought he was invincible till a shot tore off part of his left ear.  Surprised by his injury he fled from his attacker.  If he finds them again he will hunt them down mercilessly.


  • Someone has trespassed in the ancient woods – Dolphus will set out to hunt down the interloper.

  • Dolphus has wolf packs looking for the attackers who wounded him. If one finds them he will devote himself to their study and destruction.

  • Notes

    While Dolphus is none human monster he has influence.  He can use his influence to recruit other brute squads of wolves and wolf villains to aid him.

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