Mickhail Mihaylov

Villainy: 9
Strength: 4
Influence: 5


  • Small
  • Extended Family (Ussuran secret agents)
  • Disarming Smile
Virtue: The Devil - Astute
Hubris: The Magician - Ambitious

Mickhail is a small, pale skinned man in his twenties.  He usually has ink stains on his fingers and clothes and reeks of smoke and alcohol.

He is a printer by trade who fled Ussura after printing a diatribe against a wealthy Boyar for a Rilasciare group that drew the full attention of the authorities.  He learnt his lesson and his business now only prints work for profit.  However, he maintains a second, secret print works that produces scurrilous broadsheets.  The second press is maintained completely separately so no examination of one works printing points to the other.  What his revolutionary associates don’t know is that Mickhail was allowed to escape from Ussura in return for the names of his fellow Rilasciare and that he gave them up without even being threatened with torture.  He is now a paid agent of Ussura spying on emigres and the country he lives in.

Mickhail’s motives are like an onion.  The outer layer suggests he is a minor entrepreneur seeking to make his way as a printer for hire.  The next suggests he is in fact a dissenter seeking to overthrow the status quo.  The inside that he appears to be that of a rotten liar who really is only interested in money.  At the core he will give up wealth, friends and family to save the  skin on his own back.

He appears nervous, fidgets constantly and smokes a foul concoction he makes himself from herbs and leaves in a pipe.

He knows many of the Rilasciare wherever he is and other disreputable sorts.  He will give this knowledge up for a bribe or a threat.  He also knows at least one secret agent of the Ussuran government operating in the area.  If someone starts turning the heat up on him they may get a visit from these unexpected friends.

A surprisingly effective quartermaster he can often acquire expensive or illegal items for up to half the usual value.  He can also arrange the production and printing of books, broadsheets and other items of any quality for a fair to surprisingly affordable price.


  • He seeks to gain entry to local groups of fellow travellers with ties to the Rilasciare.

  • He encourages others to become embroiled in plots.

  • Those fellow travellers give him access to the local Rilasciare.

  • He milks the Rilasciare group for funds to cover printing costs and purchases.

  • He collects evidence he passes to his Ussuran contacts.

  • He encourages overt acts of revolution and acts as an agent provocateur.

  • He disappears just before the authorities round everyone up.

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