Villainy: 6
Strength: 5
Influence: 1


  • Duelist Academy (Aldana)
Virtue: The Hero - Courageous
Hubris: Reunion - Bitterness

Someone somewhere may know if dark haired swordsman Vásquez has a first name. The Castilian sword for hire has made her way since the recent unpleasantness with Montaigne as a sword for hire. She dresses as many former soldiers cast adrift across Théah, talks as they do and acts as they do.

Her nature is mercurial. One day she simply wants to get from one dawn to the next in peace. Then the next day comes and she misses the sound of the cannon and the rush of battle. One moment Vásquez is quiet and contemplative the next she is loud and roused for battle.

Vásquez has been around western continental Théah.  She knows somewhere to sleep and someone who will know someone who can provide work for a sword in Castille, Montaigne and Eisen.  She can usually find a small group of mercenaries to aid her in a fight at short notice.


  • Vásquez is exactly what she seems - a simple sword for hire. She is a pawn in other's schemes rather than a mastermind.

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