Fionn Brix

Villainy: 14
Strength: 10
Influence: 4


  • Direction Sense
  • Survivalist
  • Bruiser
  • Duelist – Leegstra
Virtue: The Thrones - Comforting
Hubris: The Moonless Night – Confusion

Fionn is a tough warrior woman from the Highland Marches who appears to be in her mid-teens but is in fact several hundred years old.

She is the daughter of a Montaigne noble who arrived with the invasion and a highland lass he took a shine to.  Something of a tomboy she disappeared while our riding.  Her disappearance sparked a bloody hunt for her when it was assumed she’d been kidnapped or murdered by rebels.

In fact she’d stumbled in to a Sidhe gathering and became trapped in their lands.  Raised by a bauchan, a boobrie and an ancient woad clad warrior she is a skilled fighter and she’s returned to a Théah she doesn’t recognise.  The bauchan found a group of humans he thought would help her find her place in the world and in a way they did.  Unfortunately, the bauchan is not a good judge of humans and the group are outlaws who make a living through robbery and intimidation.  Fionn with her exceptional skills rapidly rose to become their leader.

Finding herself adrift in the world with skills honed over several hundred years beneath a hill she seeks to keep her band of miscreants together.  With the appearance of a teenager and a moral sense shaped by some less than reputable Sidhe Fionn her approach is not subtle. If she has to hit some people with her claymore to do that so be it.

She speaks the languages of Montaigne and Avalon but uses archaic terms and her accent is hard for modern listeners to place.

She knows the land that her band roam over and knows secret ways and places only known to the Sidhe. She also knows the local Sidhe and their politics.

Any duellist seeing her fight will tell you she is using Leegstra a very old form of the school.



  • Rob

  • Steal

  • Threaten

  • Plunder

  • Ravage

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