Men of Action!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Watched a 1960s promo film/making of for “The Dirty Dozen”. Some shots of the actors and crew at work. Some of them at play. An info light version of the extras so beloved of the DVD makers of today.

What was funny was the voice over. How they kept telling us that the cast were “Men of Action!” yet didn’t really actually show any evidence to support it. Look Lee Marvin watching motorcycle racing! Look the “Men of Action!” walking round fashionable 60s London. Look women in mini skirts totally ignoring our “Men of Action!”. Be astonished as our “Men of Action!” lounge in a restaurant. Watch with awe as they do some of the judo they learnt specially for the film! See them do stunts!

A real gem of its era.

The question is can I call the unnamed action TV show game “Men of Action!” or is it not really a suitable title these days? I could do a sequel “Women of Action!” or do it with a flip cover so one way its one and the other way its the other.

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