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Battleship Potemkin Moment

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Life imitated art this morning in a little way. As I was walking to work a woman was sorting out her toddlers gloves and hats by a shop door. She had a push chair trapped against her foot. A gust of wind caught it and blew it away towards a slip road that runs along beside a very busy duel carriage way. She screamed. I ran after the push chair. I gave chase. It flew into the slip road. The traffic in the main road thundered past. It caught on the curb of the slip road. Barely feet of tarmac separating it from the main road. I got a hand to it. The wind tugged at it. It twisted away from me tipping towards one side. I got another hand to it and stopped it getting away. Very dramatic.

Except I then discovered it was empty. Pushing it back to the pavement I discovered the woman’s partner stood holding the child. He’d picked the baby up out of the push chair when he’d gone into a shop and she’d not noticed while trying to sort out her toddlers gloves.

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