Civ IV First Impressions

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

I gave in and bought Civ IV on Saturday. Normally I don’t pick up a game till its dropped in price but I’ve been a big Civ fan for a long time.

On the plus side its very pretty. On the minus side it didn’t seem very challenging (but I was playing on the easiest level for my first game)

On the minus side I wish they hadn’t used a piece of modern orchestral music for the modern era it drove me up the wall very quickly. On the plus side the rest of the music is well chosen.

On the plus side the interface felt pretty easy to use. On the minus side it was unresponsive at times.

On the minus side it didn’t grip me like Civ I or Civ III. On the plus side that left me time to do things between games 🙂

So for the moment I’ll reserve my judgement. I just hope it isn’t going to turn out I only like odd numbered Civ games.

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