Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Prevarication, prevarication
Prevarication, that’s what you need
If you wanna take a rest
If you wanna dodge the test
Oh-oh prevarications what you need;

With apologies to the late Roy Castle and whoever wrote the lyrics I’ve just wrecked.

So I’ve been avoiding getting on with my web site by playing round with silly bits of stuff for it. If I carry on doing that it will never get done. So I decided tonight to knock the silly stuff on the head and get the basic site done. I can add bells and whistles later.

So I’ve bullied the home page into some kind of shape and tested it with a selection of validators to make sure the codes good. Next job is to populate a couple of sections with content and then let a few selected friends at it to see what they think.

Then I can play with bells and whistles and maybe do some writing too.

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