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Meandering Thoughts for Friday

Friday, April 7th, 2006

So I spent the evening (minus one hour for the light relief that is Hustle) hacking a gallery of a few of my pictures together. Sometimes getting this web site together feels like one of the modern trials of Hercules. And as many people will surely tell you I am not a modern Hercules 🙂

Anyway back to Hustle. Another fun, fluff episode spoilt a little by the need to add at the end the whole “But what if it were true”. Fortunately they avoided the even more dangerous mine that was in their path – making the episode into a Spooks Hustle crossover and ending up with the Hustle team working for MI5. That way Robert Vaughn has been before with the A-Team episode "The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair". For years people thought I’d made that one up but now I just point to IMDB and there thanks to the Wibbly Wobbly Web is proof.

And for anyone just joining this blog yes I need more of a life…

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