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Memorable Characters the M&S Way

Friday, June 16th, 2006

A little idea for creating memorable characters that came to me while watching TV. Describe what makes your character stand out from the ordinary in the style of a Marks & Spencers advert. The formula goes something like (X is your character)…

  • Start with "Not just a X it’s a "
  • Now describe the character’s outstanding qualities
  • End with X.

So for example…

"Not just a heroine but an deep, dusky, brooding heroine."

"Not just a hero but a light, fruity hero that goes straight to your head."

"Not just an evil villain but a cunning, adored villain who never sacrifices his minions."

Its fun just to write up a character in sexy, ad copy terms that you might never use for them in your regular writing.

For a twist describe famous fictional characters and see if your friends can guess who it is.

Edit: An updated version of this post is available: Sexy, Memorable Characters the Marks & Spencers Way

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