West Winging Pluto

Friday, August 25th, 2006

As I said when blogging about Plutons a short while ago the whole Pluto thing really has all the elements of a good West Wing plot. The hijaking of the process to demote Pluto out of the planetary big league after the intelligent compromise that was the Plutons plan was killed off is by itself a plot worthy of the West Wing. Where before I thought Toby wouldn’t care about the situation or would see it as a pointless distraction from serious things I can see him being really upset – he’d now failed a test he passed at the age of 7 because he knew there were 9 planets but now there were 8. It would give him something to be grumpy about. Sam’s hopes would be dashed after he’d enjoyed the new word “Pluton” “Pl-ooo-ton”. CJ would need briefing and would still put her foot in it somehow. Leo would be dealing with a real situation. Josh would be trying to find a way to sort it out. The President would be ridiculing the new definition of a planet because at least 3 other planets in the solar system appear to fail it including Earth.

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