Thursday, October 30th, 2008

So BrandRossGate continues to spin out of all sensibility. What they did was wrong but the reaction is just completely loopy. Newspapers claim the moral high ground – yet how many of those leading the call have printed details of the private lives of people and then a copy has been pushed through the door of some unsuspecting grandparent who’d paid for the privileged? Conveniently for politicians on both sides of the house it diverts attention from a far more worrying story connecting them to rich people…

Now I’m seeing BrandRossGate – it used to be a *gate was something important but now any scandal will do. Interfering with an election or something that actually matters but now we’ll just stick gate on the end of something to give it an air of scandal.

I supposed for the press its a change from yet more credit crunch stories. They helped spin us into a property boom and are bored with milking the bust for headlines already.

In other news something important happened somewhere today…

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