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10 Worst Valentines Albums in the World Ever!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010
  1. Greatest Sickly Love Songs
  2. The One with Pink Roses on the Cover
  3. Twelve Songs You’d Forgotten and One You Still Sing in the Bath
  4. Last Years Valentines Album with a Different Cover on It
  5. Songs that Say I Hate You More than Words Ever Could (Double CD with Sleeve Notes)
  6. Some Random Album I Grabbed in a Hurry because I was Running Late for the Train
  7. Cheesy, Big Perm, 80s, Rock Love Songs (Including Genuine Lock of Rock Star Hair*)
  8. Songs Inspired by Roger Corman’s The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
  9. Last Years Halloween Album in the Wrong Box
  10. The One Next to the Charcoal Brickets because Flowers are Sold Out at the Petrol Station
  11. Twelve Songs You’d Forgotten and One You Hum (Badly) in the Bath because you’ve Forgotten all the Words Volume 2

* Artificial or animal hair may be substituted. Limit of one hair per album. Certificate of Authenticity available on Request.  Leaving the hair at a murder scene to frame a random 80s rock star may result in prosecution.

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