Living Room Rules

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
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After a (small) flood of unacceptable comments that didn’t get past my blog’s spam and flood control I’m posting living room rules.

Just a quick note: I support freedom of speach.  You have the freedom to say whatever you want on your website.  Quoting the 1st Amendment to me is a bit daft as I’m in the UK not the US.

Since I needed to get a simple explanation up in a hurry I’ve borrowed this from the excellent explanation posted by John August.

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Moonwolf95 Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I follow the principles Heinlein made so clear so many times - if you want to make a speech, rent your own hall. In *my* hall, I made the rules even simpler:

'm all in favor of freedom of speech (after all, I'm exercising that right here to begin with), and welcome participation from others visiting my site - even if I disagree with what you post here. I do, however, have to reserve the right to act by declining, removing, or editing comments that:

are abusive
are off-topic
contain personal attacks
promote hate of any kind
use excessively foul language
are patently spam

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